About Us

Weltech technology is actively engaged in businesses that extend from the manufacturing of top quality metalwork, industrial processes’ machinery and equipment, flat steel products, easy-to-assemble steel storage system to strategic. Coupled with extensive distribution network and wide customer network established over the years, Weltechbd uncompromising principle in providing products of the finest quality to all of the customers has garnered itself remarkable growth over the years; apart from respectable recognition as the leading manufacturer and design  steel products and storage systems.

 Research & Development

Weltech technology firmly believes that research and development efforts and constant innovations are crucial factors for a company to grow and prosper and, more importantly, to get ahead of the competitors in the industry. The capable R&D team of Weltechbd constantly develops new products and application suites based on findings, facts and principles identified through its extensive research activities. This has enabled Weltechbd to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to its customers, expanding its current customer base while creating new customer portfolio with all the newly developed products.

 Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is undeniably one of the most important activities in a business because it has a direct effect on profitability. Weltech BD  apart from promoting the company’s rack products, the sales and marketing team is also tasked to manage and develop both existing and new customers. Good rapports and relationship with all the customers are maintained by this proactive team. The team is also responsible for sales collection while adhering to the company’s credit control. On the other hand, strategic marketing approaches are implemented in respective regions in order to ensure sustainable sales growth while achieving sales target.


Weltech technology believes in prompt delivery to deliver the optimized product value to its customers. In view of this, Weltech BD established a seamless distribution networks that collectively ensure on-time delivery to all of its customers. The delivery team competently ensures a robust and structured system that enhances the delivery flow, making sure that all the customers anticipate no delay in acquiring products and services from Weltech BD.


Weltech technology owns a well-equipped warehouse facility situated in the state of dhaka, Bangladesh The warehouse facilitates the entire logistic, production and delivery processes, making sure that the processes are implemented with zero flops. Products are kept in organized and meticulous order to eliminate any possibilities of errors.

 Our Capabilities​

We have a well-trained team of professionals, complete with a series of equipment’s to support our customers in projects – from the conception stage, the design, material process to final installation.

 QC Loading Test​

A thorough quality control compression test is performed on the products against stringent specification in order to assure the durability of the products.

 Our Quality

Weltech technology places great emphasis to ensure that every product that leaves the plant carries the highest quality and recognized commitment of Weltech BD towards delivering top quality products to the customers.This is particular crucial in today’s competitive and demanding business environment. Weltech BD strives for the best quality governed by high production standards through the deployment of advanced technologies and techniques, coupled with a stringent quality control system as well as Weltech BD in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in its own manufacturing capabilities

 Quality Policy

Weltech technology is committed to achieve the company’s vision through consistent fulfillment of the expectation and requirements of the valued customers. The quality policies include:

  • Customer satisfaction always come first.
  • Constant review of quality management for effectiveness and improvements.
  • Continual improvement to achieve cost effectiveness and to deliver quality products.
  • Compliance to QMS requirements.